Corona summer camps 2020

Corona summer camps 2020

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Please find out how we plan to keep all participants and volunteers safe: Amber (volunteer) and Floris (participant)


Dear parents,

Hooray for all of us. But especially for our children and young people.

The jeugdwerk (Youth Work) summer activities and camps will continue to operate in 2020! This is good news, but things will be different.

Together with various youth organizations, Ambrassade has developed very specific guidelines for the activities and camps. This is how we intend to keep corona out.

What are the basic rules?

  • Activities are generally organised in the open air and on our own premises.
  • Is your child sick? Then it cannot participate.
  • You should choose 1 activity per week for your child.
  • We will have regular groups of no more than 50 people. The various regular groups will not have any contact with each other (=bubbles).
  • The regular groups will not have any contact with outside people either. Is contact with others outside of the bubble inevitable? Then the children must wear a face mask and keep a 1.5-metre distance.
  • What if someone gets sick during the activity? Then there is a clear step-by-step plan (also for parents).
  • Washing your hands is very important.

Can my child simply participate in (playground) activities and camps?

Yes, your child can go to the playground, camp or youth activity this summer.

If your child

  • is not ill at the time of activity.
  • has not been sick until at least 5 days before the activity.
  • is not a high-risk patient.

Is your child a high-risk patient? Then your child can still attend, with your permission or if you have a permission slip from the doctor.

What are the high-risk groups? What do I do if my child is a high-risk patient?

The high-risk groups are mentioned in this list developed by paediatricians. In case of doubt, contact your general practitioner.

When is your permission enough? If your child has a chronic illness that is controlled with medication. Do you have doubts? Contact your physician and decide together whether it is possible.

When is the physician's permission required? For other high-risk patients. Ask your physician about the risks, what is allowed and what is not.

Is any special care or attention required? Then always talk to the supervisors about your child. Some things may seem difficult or impossible in advance. Also talk to the supervisors to see whether they are up to the task.

Do children have to maintain a 1.5-metre distance from each other?

There are regular groups of 50 people (= bubble). Within that group, children do not have to maintain a 1.5-meter distance. Contact is allowed. They can play, eat, sleep, dance, do arts and crafts, etc. in their own group. They do not have any contact with the other groups.

There is a difference between children of -12 and + 12 years. From 12 years of age, the risk of infection is higher. Organizations will therefore choose appropriate activities. Also, when they enter in contact with other people, they will keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters and use face masks.

It is better not to have contact with people outside the group. Therefore

  • there is no visiting day and no performance day for the parents.
  • in principle, on-site visits from parents are not allowed.  So, parents must drop off their children at the entrance (kiss-and-ride), parents must maintain a proper distance, etc. 

Does my child have to wear a face mask during the camp or (playground) activity?

In your child's regular group, that is not necessary.

It is important to wear a mask if the group enters into contact with other people.

A distinction is made between children who are -12 and +12.

In the following situations, children who are +12 years old must wear a face mask: 

  • on public transport
  • in crowded places
  • whenever you cannot keep a 1.5-metre distance
  • when you have contact with people who are not in the regular group

Is your child injured? The supervisor will wear a face mask and possibly gloves, when providing care. Your child is not required to wear a mask.

Sometimes, supervisors will wear a face mask in the evening. For example, when they need to speak to supervisors from other groups. They will maintain a 1.5-metre distance in that case. If they cannot do so, they will wear a face mask.  

What if my child becomes ill at camp or (playground) activity?

A standard procedure is available:

  • Each location has a quarantine room. Maybe your child has been infected? Then the supervisor will separate your child from the group.
  • The supervisor will contact a general practitioner near the camp or activity.
  • The physician will instruct the supervisor on what to do. You may have to pick up your child. Please, follow this rule.

People who are very tired are more likely to get sick. That is why the supervisors will provide sufficient rest for everyone.

Is it safe to allow your child to go to camp or to an activity?

Yes, experts have issued their advice.

  • There are many rules in place to make camps safe. For example: 
  • maintaining your distance
  • providing sufficient rest
  • washing your hands
    • at the start and end of each activity
    • before and after every meal
    • after going to the toilet
  • coughing and sneezing into your elbow or in a paper handkerchief. Then throw it away in a bin that has a lid.

Will day trips be organised this summer?

All activities are held in the open air and at our own (camp) sites as much as possible.

Experts advise us not to organise trips to other locations, but such trips are not banned. What if a day trip is organised? Then the organisers must respect the rules for preventing the spread of corona: wearing face masks and keeping a 1.5-metre distance in case of contact with other people.

No outside people are allowed at the site. For example: no workshops by external partners. What if a day trip is organised? Then the organisers must respect the rules for preventing the spread of corona: wearing face masks and keeping a 1.5-metre distance in case of contact with other people.

Can my child attend multiple youth activities this summer?

Is your child going to a youth centre one day and to the playground the next? It is best to choose a single organization and stick to the same group as much as possible. This is what virologists recommend.

Is your child allowed to go to the youth centre one week and a camp with the youth movement the next week? That is certainly possible but try to limit the number of different groups your child has contact with as much as possible. And watch out for symptoms.

So, be sure to allow your child to enjoy the summer. Feel free to allow it to go to a camp or activity with different organizations. But do not combine multiple activities in one week. 

What can you do to make sure this summer goes well?

You know this summer will be different. But if we choose groups with normal contacts, then the situation will be as normal as possible for your child.

What rules must be respected in all cases?

  • Is your child sick? Leave it at home or pick it up.
  • It is best to keep outsiders away from the site, which includes you as a parent. That is why we ask the following:
    • Drop your child off and leave immediately (kiss-and-ride).
    • Pick it up and leave immediately.
    • There are no visiting days and no performance days.
  • Choose 1 organization a week. This should be a deliberate choice, as the virus will be less likely to spread. It is what virologists recommend.

Together with us, make sure that children can play, have fun, be creative, play sports, etc. this summer. Give them as much freedom as possible, while complying with the rules.     

Are you allowed to go abroad?

Yes, if the location is within 150 km from the Belgian border. It is not yet certain whether going abroad will be allowed. We are still waiting for rules about travelling outside of Belgium, but also about the country you are going to. 

Why 150km?

If your kid gets sick at camp, it will have to be quarantined. You will have to pick up your child. And that shouldn't be too far.

Is the distance greater than 150km? Then the camp cannot go head.