Language instructor course – French

During this course we will teach you how to deal with children and teenagers, how to create games, prepare workshops, …


  • You are 16 or older in the summer of 2020
  • You would like to obtain the ‘Animator in het jeugdwerk’ certificate (recognized by the Flemish government)
  • You would like to be a language instructor on one of our language holidays

If you finish the one-week course and the traineeship successfully, you will receive the ‘Animator in het jeugdwerk’ certificate. The course and the certificate are recognized by the Flemish government.

Most cities reimburse part of the course fee. Contact your city council to find out.

This course is entirely in French.

For any general questions, please contact

Would you like to work as a language instructor on one of our English or Dutch language courses? Click here for more information.


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Accommodation non-residential
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