Learn a foreign language, even when you are not in a classroom?


Well, on a Roeland camp it’s possible! On our courses participants learn a foreign language in a really cool way, doing lots of enjoyable activities.

Primary school children learn vocabulary while playing fun language games. From 13 onwards, language immersion is key: some basic grammar is practiced without the participants realizing, and lots of vocabulary is learnt along the way as everyone speaks English during all activities. 

Participants aged 15-18 already speak the language reasonably well, so we focus even more on oral skills. We expand their knowledge in an active way, refining their language skills and encouraging them to speak English in many different situations. They explore the village or the city, interacting with locals, explain sports rules to their peers and present their hobbies or interests. That way, we boost their confidence to speak the language. Those are the skills that you might not focus on so much in school, but thanks to Roeland young people are really prepared for the future!

Sometimes a participant might say: “I did not learn anything on camp!” Indeed, the learning conditions were very different from those at school. Participants learned while dive-bombing into the pool or singing ‘Alors on danse’ while on an outing.

Learning a language and thinking you’ve done nothing but play and have fun? Mission accomplished!

Newsletter May 2017


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Abbie Moore



  • Name: Abbie Moore
  • Age: 23
  • Country: England
  • Mother tongue: English
  • Number of Roeland camps: 7 (+ the weekly drama courses I created in Ghent and ArtScene!)
  • Favourite Roeland location: Gold Hill
  • Function(s) @ camp: Course Director for On Stage @ The Fisher Theatre 
  • Roeland in one word / sentence: Fun-packed experiences and friends for life.


How did you find out about Roeland?

Through a school friend who asked if I wanted to join Langley on Stage as an assisting student.

What Roeland courses have you done?

Langley on Stage, Langley 3, Ghent Junior Day Camp, Weekly Drama Workshops, ArtScene and Gold Hill on Stage

What is your most wonderful Roeland memory?

So many to choose from! The highlight for me every year is singing songs around the camp fire after our performances at Langley/ Gold Hill. The atmosphere is incredible, there's nothing quite like it!

What do you do professionally? Is there a link with Roeland?

I run Hello Drama, a company that tailor-makes and delivers drama workshops in schools and businesses. My experience with Roeland has helped me to specialise in creating workshops to deliver abroad for students learning English as a foreign language. I love catching up with the Roeland team when I'm leading workshops in Belgium!

Favourite camp song / workshop / lesson / theme / outing / ….?

Oh, I do love the game The Minute! I often use it in my drama workshops abroad. Everyone has a numbered piece of paper with a challenge on it. The number represents the order that the participants must do their challenge. Everyone has one minute in which to complete their challenge. It's a fantastic teambuilding exercise!

I love Roeland, because….

I've made friends for life.



Stenay is a small village by the river Meuse in north-eastern France, close to the Belgian border. It’s surrounded by forests and close to Sedan, home to a medieval fortress (one of the largest in Europe!). But there’s more to it than just beautiful surroundings.

We organize one of our French language courses here, in the ‘Maison Familiale et Rurale’ (MFR). Students stay in recently renovated twin or quad bedrooms, there’s a sports hall and plenty of spaces for exciting group activities.

We visit the fortress, discover night animals at Nocturnia and relax at a lovely lake where you can try out the giant slides or pedal boats.

Are you 12-14 years old and you have no plans yet from 14-26 August? Come and join us for a language holiday of a lifetime and register now!

Newsletter March 2017


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