What does Roeland do?

Roeland vzw

Roeland vzw is a youth organization with focus on ‘creative language learning'. We have been offering high-quality language courses since 1971.

Roeland organizes language courses for children and teenagers aged 7-21 in French, English and Dutch and Dutch day camps for newcomers aged 7-15.

For schools Roeland offers city visits in Dutch and French and drama projects in English and French.

Roeland has a French library and regularly organizes training sessions for its volunteers.

Roeland offers children and teenagers a total immersion in the foreign language, in a creative, playful and innovative atmosphere.

Why choose Roeland?

  • Cool instructors (at least 18 years old)
  • 1 instructor for every 4 participants
  • Learning in small groups, adapted to age and level
  • Cool sports acvitities, fun games and outings
  • Themed courses
  • Learning a great deal thanks to our total immersion methood
  • A good group atmosphere
  • 50 years experience

Our team