Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions


Article 1
These conditions shall apply to the sale of all the holidays advertised in this brochure and on the website. Obvious mistakes and printing errors are not binding on Roeland vzw.

Duty of disclosure

Article 2
In order to register correctly, the participant must provide Roeland vzw with the information required. If this information is incorrect or incomplete, Roeland vzw retains the right to cancel the holiday or to charge additional costs.

Article 3
- Participants aged over 12 years must produce an identity card.
- Participants aged under 12 years must produce a child ID or a temporary identity document (valid for one year, with passport photo). This can be obtained at the municipal offices.
- For travel abroad, participants must fulfil the following formalities to obtain the necessary official documents:

- Most young Belgians need their own identity card. For young people with foreign nationality, please consult the embassy or consulate of the destination country and procure the necessary passport and/or visa. Participants must pay the costs themselves. Roeland vzw shall NOT regard the absence of the necessary documents as a valid reason for refund of the registration fee.

- A European Insurance Card must be requested from your health insurer. Every participant must carry this document.

Article 4
Around two weeks before the holiday, Roeland will send participants the latest guidelines by email. These will give details of the daily programme, departure and return times, a list of baggage to bring, contact details and a medical form. This medical form must be completed online. If your child went on a camp with Roeland vzw last year this must be completed AGAIN.

You can consult all this information on your personal profile at www.roeland.be


Article 5
On registration, the participant or the signatory accepts the conditions as published at the date of signature.

Contract and payment

Article 6
All registrations take place on line. Once you have received written confirmation, payment must be made within 30 days to account number BE31 4487 5031 0155  EUR in the name of ROELAND JEUGDDIENST. Please use the reference number given on the payment request. If you cannot pay the balance in a single payment, please contact us via info@roeland.be or 09-2214066 so that we can jointly reach an arrangement.

Registrations made within 30 days of departure for the camp must be paid immediately on receipt of the invoice. We must receive the payment before the start of the camp. If we do not receive your payment in time, Roeland vzw retains the right to cancel the registration unilaterally.

Roeland is a Belgian organisation, recognised by the Flemish Community. We accept registrations from all countries, on condition that the participants do not come from countries where one of our partner organisations is active (for example, AFS for inter-cultural placements). In that event, we reserve the right to refuse the registration and we ask the participant to register through the AFS office. 


Article 7
The price includes: accommodation, meals (for residential camps), educational materials, excursions. The group activities and services described in the programmes. Travel by coach to and from the destination, with the exception of camps without overnight stays. Supervision and training of supervisors. Accident insurance. Additional insurance for travel abroad. The recognised coach company Coach Partners (licence no A1225) provides communal transport to and from language courses. You can bring and collect your child yourself, but this is not recommended. In this event, no refund of any part of the registration fee is possible.

Not included: personal expenditure (bar and excursions), repatriation and cancellation insurance, all risks insurance (loss or theft of baggage or valuables).

Pocket money will be spent on personal expenses: confectionary, soft drinks outside mealtimes, etc. Parents are free to decide the amount they give their children. However, we will suggest an amount per camp.

Cancellation by participant

Article 8
Any cancellations must take place in writing (email or letter). A distinction is made between cancellations with and without valid reason.

Cancellation with valid reason
We accept as valid reasons: illness, accident, death of a close family member, examination retakes (only if during or straight after the camp period). Please provide evidence of the reasons for cancellation, for example a medical certificate in the case of illness, or a document from the school in the case of examination retakes, giving the subjects to be retaken and the examination dates. The school document must reach us no later than 10 July.

If the camp is cancelled for valid reasons, the cancellation fee will be limited to an administration charge of €100 for a residential camp or €50 for a day camp. In the event of cancellation for valid reasons, there are no extra costs in addition to the administration charge.

Cancellation without valid reason

  • In the event of cancellation between the time of registration and 30 days before departure, an administration charge of €100 for a residential camp or €50 for a day camp will be levied.
  • If cancellation takes place between 30 and 15 days of departure, compensation of 50% of the registration fee will be charged.
  • No refunds of registration fees can be made within 15 days of departure, if a participant fails to attend or if a participant opts to go home early.

All cancellations must be notified to the organisation in writing. The amount of compensation will be deducted from the sums already paid, and if these are insufficient an additional claim will be made.

Early departure

Article 9
In the event of early departure during the camp for valid reasons as described in article 8, the cancellation fee will be 30% of the price of the camp. After deduction of this sum, a refund will be made on the basis of the number of days’ attendance.

Example: A participant has to leave on the sixth day of a 10-day camp costing €750: €750 – 30%= €750 - €225 = €525 / 10 days * 4 remaining days = Roeland will refund €210.

Someone who discontinues their language course without valid reasons, or who is obliged to do so because they have broken our basic principles or rules, may claim no refund.

Cancellation or changes by Roeland vzw

Article 10
If an entire language course is cancelled, an alternative will be offered. Under unforeseen circumstances this will be done as quickly as possible, and in the event of insufficient registrations no later than 15 days before departure. If the suggested alternative is not accepted by the participant, all the sums paid to date will be refunded, without compensation or interest.

If a particular activity or excursion is unavailable during a language course, Roeland vzw shall offer a valid alternative to this activity or excursion. Roeland vzw retains the right to change the activities and excursions advertised on the website or in the brochure without refunding any part of the registration fee. This may be the case in the event of force majeure, unforeseen circumstances or if necessary to ensure the safety of participants.

For travel to the United Kingdom, Roeland vzw will consider the impact of the Brexit on its programmes as cases of force majeure. Roeland vzw cannot be held responsible for changes to its programmes if those changes are directly or indirectly caused by the Brexit (for example: adjusted programme due to extra administrative requirements or extra costs). If participants need to take additional administrative steps for travel to the United Kingdom (e.g. obtaining a visa or another travel document), Roeland vzw will do everything to inform participants  on time. Roeland vzw will however not be liable for the costs incurred; nor for any travel bans by the United Kingdom. Roeland vzw will not be liable in case the necessary travel documents or visas were not obtained on time by the participant.

Liability of Roeland vzw

Article 11
The organiser’s services commence at the moment that the participants are entrusted by their parents to the organisation’s staff and end when the organisation returns the participants to their parents.

Liability of the participant

Article 12
The participant will be held liable for damages if he endangers the safety or integrity of Roeland vzw or its staff, supervisors or other participants. In such an event, Roeland vzw retains the right to exclude the participant immediately from further participation. All the costs incurred shall be borne by the participant. A participant who, for the afore-mentioned reasons, is excluded from further participation in the holiday has no right to any compensation or refund. Unacceptable conduct shall include any kind of aggressive behaviour, the use of drugs, smoking, excessive alcohol use, failure to respect privacy and vandalism.

Roeland vzw is always obliged to help any participant in need. Any costs arising may be reclaimed from the participant if the participant is responsible for the problem.

Roeland vzw may not be held liable for any theft, loss or damage occurring to personal possessions brought by the participant.


Article 13
Roeland vzw has concluded the following insurance policies:

  • Civil liability: for third-party losses caused by fault or negligence. Participants, teaching staff and animators respectively are regarded as third parties.
  • Fire damage to movable and immovable goods.
  • Accident insurance, covering the difference between actual costs and the repayment made by the health insurance fund.

The conditions and limitations applying to these insurance policies may be consulted on request.


Article 14
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs the management and protection of the personal data of European citizens. From 25 May 2018, Roeland vzw must, as an organisation, be able to demonstrate what personal data we collect, how we use it and how we protect it.

Many photographs are taken during the activities. You can view these photos by using your protected log-in, if you have given your consent. Roeland vzw would also like to use photos on social media and in its publications, magazines and website. All photographs are deleted after one year. You can indicate your consent when your camp is confirmed.

Complaints procedure

Article 15
- If the participant has a complaint before performance of the contract, he should submit it to Roeland vzw in writing.
- Complaints arising during the holiday period must be reported to the person in charge at the Roeland camp, who will immediately investigate and make every effort to find a solution to everyone’s satisfaction.
- If the complaint is not resolved to the participant’s satisfaction on-site, or if the participant is unable, for any reason, to report his complaint to the person in charge at the Roeland camp, the complaint must be reported by registered letter no later than four weeks after the final date of the camp. If this time is exceeded, the complaint will no longer be admissible.

In the event of dispute, the courts of Ghent shall be competent.