Drama is a great tool to learn foreign languages as it increases teenagers' motivation and enthusiasm. That is why Roeland organizes two annual drama festivals for young people aged 13-18: Artscène français and Artscene All English.

The festival is aimed at English and French teachers from Flanders who would like to put up a play in English or French with their pupils.


The project

During the school year the pupils rehearse at the school on a weekly basis. The teacher can choose to direct the play himsel/herself or to work with a Roeland theatre instructor.

  • max. 15 pupils aged 13-18 years
  • the school pays the theatre instructor for 45 hours of rehearsal

The festival

In April/May it's show time! The groups meet at the theatre festivals in Ghent. They perform their play, watch the others perform, take part in forums and theatre workskops.

  • With Flemish and foreign groups.
  • Lodging is possible at a youth hostel in Ghent.